Avoid Furnace Tragedy Pompano Beach

State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan said fumes from the gasoline were ignited by a furnace, sparking a fast-moving fire that destroyed the home. Jennifer Meith, a spokesman for the fire marshal, said gasoline fumes are highly flammable and can be ignited by a spark or static electricity. In this case, the furnace is believed to have provided the source of ignition.
This is just another tragic story of how a fire can rip apart your Pompano Beach home. That is why we would like to use this opportunity to remind you to have your furnace serviced, and to store your gas in tightly sealed gas approved containers, in a well ventilated area.

Furnace Leaks In Pompano Beach, Fl

If you ever suspect your furnace is leaking the first thing you do is safely exit the premises. Use your cell or a neighbors phone to contact us and the fire department. If you follow these simple steps you can avoid injury and death, as well as damage to your biggest investment.