Your Homes Air Quality

Your Homes Air Quality

You may wonder what the purposes of your air filters are and why they are so important. Well, considering your homes air can be more polluted than outside air the air filters help to clean the air. The air filters remove all sorts of pollutants from the air that are lowering your homes air quality. With bad air quality the health of your home is at risk.

Use your filters correctly

You need to make sure the air filters you are using in your home are HEPA filters, which stands for High efficiency particulate air. They are the recommended filters even if they do cost a little extra, however, they are the most effective filter. Make sure your replace your filters once every month or every other month because there becomes buildup of debris in the filter. If the filter is left with all this debris in it then there will be more and more particles that enter your homes air, which is lowering your homes air quality and making the air unsafe. Also by having these clogged up air filters your air conditioning system has to work harder to push it through the filters. If your Pompano Beach air conditioning system is having to work extra then it is costing you extra in your utility bill, which no body want. By changing your filter so many positive things happen. Make it happen and better your air today.

HEPA air filters are the recommended and best filters for your homes. Changing your filters regularly save you money in the long run and betters your homes air quality. With better air quality the health of your home is improving. Don’t make 80% of your time, which is spent indoors, usually your home, have bad air quality. Make the change to HEPA air filters today and change them regularly. This only helps you! Don’t put it off any longer!

Your Pompano Beach Furnace May Be Costing You More Money Than It’s Worth

Living in Pompano Beach can be a dream for many people. One of the best parts of living in South Florida is the weather. We are lucky enough to take advantage of nearly year-round sunshine and warm water. We hardly experience a heating season. However, when the temperature starts to drop, however infrequently, a proper working furnace can be a blessing. Pompano Beach furnaces are still seen as fixtures in many neighborhoods. What is also easily seen, is the cost of fueling them.

State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan said fumes from the gasoline were ignited by a furnace, sparking a fast-moving fire that destroyed the home. Jennifer Meith, a spokesman for the fire marshal, said gasoline fumes are highly flammable and can be ignited by a spark or static electricity. In this case, the furnace is believed to have provided the source of ignition.
This is just another tragic story of how a fire can rip apart your Pompano Beach home. That is why we would like to use this opportunity to remind you to have your furnace serviced, and to store your gas in tightly sealed gas approved containers, in a well ventilated area.

Furnace Leaks In Pompano Beach, Fl

If you ever suspect your furnace is leaking the first thing you do is safely exit the premises. Use your cell or a neighbors phone to contact us and the fire department. If you follow these simple steps you can avoid injury and death, as well as damage to your biggest investment.

There are several cheap ways to make your air conditioning system more efficient, and help you save money on your power bills. One of the cheaper ways is to just keep your system in great working order with regular checkups. These stop problems early, and minimize repair costs. They also keep your energy bills low because it increases efficiency.
Another great way is to used zoned air conditioning. This utilities many thermostats and gated vents to keep each room at a uniform temperature. You can turn off the climate control of rooms not in use, as well as programming the system to conserve energy at night and while you are at work. This can drastically reduce your power bills and extend the life of your system.