Consider Upgrading Your Pompano Beach Furnace

Your Pompano Beach Furnace May Be Costing You More Money Than It’s Worth

Living in Pompano Beach can be a dream for many people. One of the best parts of living in South Florida is the weather. We are lucky enough to take advantage of nearly year-round sunshine and warm water. We hardly experience a heating season. However, when the temperature starts to drop, however infrequently, a proper working furnace can be a blessing. Pompano Beach furnaces are still seen as fixtures in many neighborhoods. What is also easily seen, is the cost of fueling them.

Upgrade Your Pompano Beach Furnace Today

Upgrade Your Pompano Beach Furnace Today

Pompano Beach Air Conditioner Repair technicians hear the complaints all the time. Our customers want to know the best way to save money on their energy bills. One of the biggest ways to make an impact, is to upgrade your Pompano Beach furnace. It is true that higher efficiency furnaces cost more upfront. Don’t let this discourage you though. Your Pompano Beach air conditioning contractor can help you review your Pompano Beach furnace’s AFUE rating, and possibly advise an upgrade. By purchasing and installing a new furnace with an AFUE rating of 95 percent, you may save anywhere from 10-20% or more on your heating bill during the season! Many recent studies have suggested that it may be more expensive to heat your home rather than cool it. This means that the savings you may experience will be even more important!

Swapping Your Pompano Beach Furnace For A Heat Pump

Upgrading your Pompano Beach furnace is certainly a good option for those residents looking to save money. Another option that does not even necessitate the need of any fuel, is a heat pump. Heat pumps operate by moving air. In the Summer, they drag hot air out, and replace it with cooler air. In the Winter, they work in the opposite way. Many former Pompano Beach furnace owners are taking this route. Pompano Beach Air Conditioner Repair employs over 50 technicians that can explain how these systems work, and which might be better for your home. Contact us 24/7 to speak to one of our representatives about your Pompano Beach furnace options!